Town of Shelter Island
Shelter Island, New York
Building Department
38 North Ferry Road, PO Box 970
Shelter Island, NY 11964
Phone: 631-749-0772    Fax: 631-749-9305
Hours of Operation--8:00am-4:00pm   Monday -Friday
  For the Building Department Call -  631-749-0772
Reed Karen:  Building Inspector
J. Chris Tehan:  Building Inspector
 Mary Ellen McGayhey: Building Clerk
For the Building Permit Coordinator please contact:
Lori Beard Raymond:   Building Permit Examiner   
631-749-0291 ext. 2106
Fire Marshall Arthur Bloom

 Click here for Shelter Island Town Code


  Please submit $100.00 check made out to Town of Shelter Island
 You must also submit your Liability Accord Certificate with the Town of Shelter Island
as the certificate holder and your Workman's Comp certificate if applicable. If you do not
have Workman's Comp. then you will need to submit an Exemption form-CE-200
 Homeowner Annual Irrigation Permit Application
    Must be filled out annually and include a check for $250.00 for 
   Irrigation systems without a cistern and a $50.00 check for Irrigation  
   Systems with a CISTERN.
 You must also fill out a Building Permit Application along with the Fast Track Application for 
Roof Mounted Solar Panels. As long as Solar panels are installed on roof there is no fee.
2010 Residential Code of NYS 
Pool Barrier Requirements-Appendix G
  Zoning Map ****  (This map is for general reference only. Please contact the Building Department for the Zoning of a specific parcel prior to making your application.)****

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