Town of Shelter Island
Shelter Island, New York
Barbara Jean Ianfolla,  Assessor
Pat Castoldi,  Assessor
Quinn Karpeh,  Assessor
Assessors Office
38 North Ferry Road-PO Box 970
Shelter Island, NY 11964
P. 631-749-1080 - Fax-631-749-0162
Hours of Operation-9:00am-4:00pm* Monday - Friday
Amanda Gutiw, Assessment Administration Clerk


Our responsibility is to carry out assessment policies and procedures governed by the State of New York Real Property Tax Law. Our object is to fairly administer our responsibility and to advise the taxpayers of the Town of Shelter Island of our findings in an informative and courteous manner

Our department is responsible for the determination and maintenance of value of all 3,500 properties in the Town of Shelter Island. We conduct a revaluation each year and are in the process of our 16th  consecutive re-appraisal of all properties. Re-evaluation allows us to reflect market conditions as they fluctuate from year to year. By maintaining a level of assessment at 100% of market value, property owners can see at a glance our estimate of a properties worth.

We maintain property tax exemptions for: Senior Citizens, Veterans, Clergy, Agriculture, Volunteer Fire Fighters, EMT Volunteers, Non Profit and Educational and Conservation Agencies.

For partial exemption of School Taxes, we administer the STAR program.

Basic STAR: The Basic STAR exemption is available to homeowners whose primary residence is Shelter Island and whose income (adjusted gross income less taxable portion of IRA distributions) is less than $500,000.

Enhanced Star: Available to homeowners over 65 years of age with a combined household income of $84,550 or less. As the exemption is income related, annual renewal is required. Renewal deadline is March 1st of each year. For forms, you may contact our office or go to and choose forms & publications.

Additionally, we maintain property inventory records and identify ownership interest in the 3,500 properties that make up our Town. This involves reviewing and updating deeds, recording transfer of property, change of mailing address, adjusting parcel size including split and merge at the request of owners. This is public information provided to taxpayers, appraisers, bankers, realtors, title search companies, attorneys and others. The information is provided courteously and professionally by all members of our department.

 In conjunction with the Building Department we are advised of inventory change with the issuance of permits. This information along with access to building plans allows us to maintain accurate and up to date inventory records.  Physical re-inspection is carried out on a regular basis with onsite inspection and digital photos which are added to our database.

The grievance process allows taxpayers to challenge assessments. Each year assessment notices are sent to all taxpayers with an explanation as to how to submit a grievance application if desired. Grievance forms are available at our office or at the above website along with assistance by our staff in order to correctly file. The Board of Assessment Review will meet on the third Tuesday in May to hear the grievances The Board renders a decision within two weeks which is incumbent upon the Assessor’s office.



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