Town of Shelter Island
Shelter Island, New York
Jeanette Flynn, Secretary
PO Box 970
Shelter Island, NY  11964
Board Members:
 Gordon Gooding- Chairman (2-2-20)
Michael Laspia- Vice Chairman (2-2-19)
Charles Kraus- Member (2-2-19)
J. Edward Shillingburg- Member (2-2-19
Twoey Brayson- Member (2-2-19)

Kathleen Gerard - Member (2-2-18)
Joseph Denny - Member (2-2-18)
James Dougherty- Town Liaison
Conservation Tools to:
Bargain Sale Sale / conveyance of title to land or development rights to a charitable organization or public agency at less than fair market value.
Conservation Easement Landowner voluntarily decides to restrict use of property with high conservation value while still retaining ownership. Can provide tax advantages and/or tax abatement provided that easement is long term or perpetual.
Fee Simple Acquisition / Fair Market Value Outright purchase of full title to land at fair market value.
Like-Kind Land Exchange Tax-free land transaction whereby public agency or non-profit conservation organization exchanges like-kind land, able to be developed, with property targeted for protection.
Limited Development / Reduced Density Property is subdivided at a reduced density to better protect open space. Can provide tax advantages, reduced infrastructure building costs, and enhanced marketability.
Other Land Conservation Options Land conservation is fostered by combining various land protection tools and/or by designing other site-specific preservation arrangements.
Outright Land Donation Donation, by landowner, of all or partial interest in property.
Purchase of Development Rights Landowner sells all or part of a property's development rights to municipality or non-profit conservation organization, while still retaining ownership and the right to certain land uses such as farming.
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Stewardship Management Plans:  (Click on link to view plan)


Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Fund Advisory Opinions Bureau

The five East End Towns have been authorized by law to form an Advisory Opinions bureau to provide for effective and consistent administration of the Peconic Bay Community Preservation Fund (2% tax). The bureau has representatives from the towns, villages and public at large. The opinions rendered by the bureau are advisory, and adopted opinions are posted below as guidance for both public officials and members of the public on issues related to the proper uses of the Community Preservation Fund (CPF).

Opinion 2013-1

. Summary: CPF money can be used to buy a dog park if (1) the property was acquired for dog park purposes; (2) such use is compatible with the natural character of the land and (3) no CPF money is used to maintain the dog park.

Opinion 2013-2

. Summary: CPF money may not be used to fund four poster deer tick control programs.

Opinion 2013-3

. Summary: There are no limits to the frequency for which parcels may be considered for acquisition with CPF funds.

4-Final Beach Projects

. Summary: CPF money can be used for reestablishment or restoration of beaches, but only if the beaches have been purchased with CPF money. -Summary:"Development rights in property acquired with CPF money can only be used for affordable housing under specific conditions" -Summary: "CPF money may not be used to buy liability insurance for CPF property"

The Bureau prepared CPF Stewardship guidelines and asked each town to adopt them. Below are the CPF Stewardship guidelines adopted by the Town of Shelter Island in 2011:

Rules and Regulations for CPF Acquisition and Stewardship


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