Town of Shelter Island
Shelter Island, New York
Conservation Advisory Council
38 North Ferry Road 
PO Box 970
Shelter Island, NY  11964

Jeanette Flynn - Secretary


 In New York State, Conservation Advisory Councils are established to advise in the development, management and protection of the Town's natural resources.  To this end, specific areas of concern for a CAC are to conduct research in land resources in the community via appropriate media, maintain an inventory of all Town Open Space, including marsh lands, and recommend ecologically suitable uses for such lands in places.  A CAC must also maintain accurate recording of such activities.  The Council's role is purely advisory, primarily to the Town Board, meaning the CAC has no decision-making authority by right.  Instead, a Town Board will look to a CAC to provide advice and technical support on such matters as proposals affecting change to:  salt and fresh water wetlands, the Island's aquifer and woodlands, use of major parcels of open space and management of Town lands.  The CAC also has responsibility for recommending properties for inclusion in the Shelter Island Nature Preservse and developing land management plans for parcels included in the system. One of the CAC's major functions is education, to increase community awareness and involvement in the protection of our natural resources in a manner consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.


Council Members
 Ed Bausman- Chairman (9-20-18)
Paulette Van Vranken- Member (9-20-17)
Mark Cappellino- Member (9-20-17)
Peder Larsen-Member (9-20-17)
John Reilly-Member (9-20-17)
Howard Johansen-Member (9-20-17)
Paul Shepherd- Town Liaison
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