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Town News – Summer 2016
The hectic summer bustle has begun. The 10K race is on June 18, the 4th of July Fireworks are scheduled for July 9, and the Green Expo is set for August 27.
     This spring the Town hired Beau Payne to be a full time Animal Control Officer. The town has consolidated the job of controlling ticks, deer and domestic pets into one position. The 4-Poster units are now in place to apply pesticide to deer to reduce the number of ticks.
      Long-time employees Mary Wilson and Billy Banks are retiring and the Town Board has selected Lori Beard Raymond and Reed Karen to replace them. Officer Walter Richards is retiring after many years of service on the Shelter Island Police Department. Laurie Fanelli replaced Senior Services employees Henrietta Roberts and Lois Charls. So you will be seeing new faces at Town Hall.
      State legislation now provides that up to 20% of Community Preservation Fund receipts can be used for water quality improvement projects, subject to approval of the voters in a permissive referendum. Shelter Island is planning to have a referendum in November 2016 at the general election. The plan is to use some of these funds to reduce nitrogen in Shelter Island fresh and salt waters. This will provide a healthier environment for all.
This is consistent with the grant from Suffolk County received by the Town and School to create an advanced nitrogen-treatment septic system to be shared by the school and Legion Hall. This would significantly upgrade two aging systems with a far more efficient one.
    Grants helped the town fund the replacement of the town-owned Medical Center roof. Other grant monies have been approved for significant road repairs and resurfacing. Efforts are underway to identify other grant opportunities to help offset costs to the taxpayers of maintaining town infrastructure.
Keep an eye on the newspaper for weekly reports on Town news and on this webpage for quarterly updates.

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