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 Town News – Summer 2015


The pace is picking up as we go into the summer season and the population swells.

All vehicles require permits to park at Crescent Beach, Wades Beach, Shell Beach park, Menhaden Lane and Fresh Pond Road. All the old blue vehicle permits expired January 1, 2015, so residents must get the new yellow vehicle permits that will run for the next five years. Please stop by the Town Clerk’s office to get your permit (open weekdays and on Saturday mornings). Bring your vehicle registration with you. You don’t want to get a summons for parking without a valid permit—the fine is $100.

With the hot weather comes the desire to irrigate. Irrigation systems are ONLY allowed to operate if the property owner has an IRRIGATION PERMIT! The permit can be obtained from the building department. To ensure safe water for everyone, systems with cisterns will be required to submit proof of filling with off-island water and legal grandfathered irrigation systems must supply a current chloride test level to ensure that the irrigation well is not salting the drinking water. The permit application forms, brochures and other information are posted on the town’s website, under the building department tab.

In addition to measuring the depth of the water table, the Town is going to do more monitoring of water quality issues. The town’s Water Advisory Committee is meeting with the United States Geographic Service to explore more extensive testing of water quality for a number of different substances. There not only needs to be enough water—it also has to be safe to drink.

The Town of Shelter Island has been actively involved in limiting helicopter noise traveling to the Hamptons in the summer months. This involves meeting with federal and state legislators, supporting the East Hampton legislation and disseminating information to affected parties. The Town banned helicopter take-offs and landings on Shelter Island some years ago—it should not have to endure the helicopter noise of other communities that have not been as foresighted.

The fireworks show is going ahead on July 11 under the supervision of a private group that has come forward to keep it going. Other annual events like the 10K race in June, and the Chicken Barbecue, Arts and Crafts Fair and Snapper Derby in August, will continue--so keep your eyes open for the dates.

 As we enter the summer season, the potential for storms and hurricanes increases. Planning for these events is underway. The Town is working with Suffolk County to develop a debris management plan to deal with the trees and other debris that might litter the Island after a severe storm. The Town now has a Code Red system, where important informational alerts about the storm and road status can be sent directly to you via phone, text or email. Visit the Shelter Island Police Department website for info on how to register with Code Red so you get the alerts. PSEG is still searching for a solution to providing reliable power to Shelter Island. One of the underwater cables from Greenport was knocked out by Superstorm Sandy. An attempt to lay a new underwater cable in 2013 failed. PSEG has suggested a substation as a way to tap into the existing high powered line running through Shelter Island but significant concerns have resulted in the Town Board rejecting the proposal in May.

Keep an eye on the newspaper for weekly reports on Town news and on this webpage for quarterly updates.



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