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Town News – Summer 2014


New issues are constantly arising, and old ones are resurfacing.


The big issue this summer will be—Irrigation! In 2003 the town banned all new underground irrigation systems and old ones had 10 years to phase out. However, in the summer of 2013 there was a call to reexamine the technology associated with irrigation systems and a moratorium was placed on enforcement of the phase out. An Irrigation Committee was established and it has been diligently meeting and investigating systems and water on Shelter Island for the past 10 months. They will be presenting their findings and recommendations to the Town Board this summer for some type of action.


LIPA spent last summer trying to drill an underwater line to allow electric power to be brought to Shelter Island to replace the underwater cable that was decommissioned by Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately, during the final stages the line broke and the project was discontinued. PSEG, which has replaced LIPA as the local electric company, proposes to establish a substation on Shelter Island as an alternative to another underwater cable. They are presenting information to the Town Board and to the public to help all consider this issue and to decide, after the facts are in, whether or not a substation at the location suggested by PSEG is desirable. The mechanism is uncertain, but the bottom line is that Shelter Island wants reliable electric service.


The Medical Center now has two doctor offices providing services to Shelter Island residents and visitors. Dr. Kelt and Winthrop Hospital operate out of the front of the building and Dr. Ann Desire, NAD Medical Services, operates out of the back of the building.


Summer activities are happening every weekend. Access to Reel Point has been restricted to allow the new plantings (to repair the Hurricane Sandy damage) to become established. And it has recently been learned that piping plovers have been found on Reel Point, so that it may temporarily be closed off to traffic.


The 4Poster program is underway this summer with 35 4Posters. The town is trying to find a balance between having enough 4Posters to keep the tick population down while keeping the numbers low enough so that the program is affordable to taxpayers.


Keep an eye on the newspaper for weekly reports on Town news and on this webpage for quarterly updates.


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