Town of Shelter Island
Shelter Island, New York
Freedom of Information Act
         Beach Driving Information                                                Vehicles on Beaches Ordinance        
              Boat Ordinance
          Burning Notice     Burning can only be done from September 15 through March 15.                      Open Burning Law
         Comprehensive Plan
          Dog License Application            Dog Ordinance
          Dock Application         Dock Ordinance    
                Handicap Parking Application
                 **Marriage License Information
                  Noise Law
              Outdoor Assembly Application             Outdoor Assembly Ordinance
              Recommended Native Plant List  ****            Invasive Plant Species List
                   *Shellfish Ordinance                               Shellfish Permit Information
                                How to obtain a resident Parking Permit
                   Special Exception Permit Application
                       Voter Information
                  Wetlands Application                           Wetlands Ordinance

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