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 Town News – Spring 2017
           The relatively mild winter was easy on the taxpayers, with only a little snow to be plowed and reduced heating costs. The Town will soon be cleaning up the roads and repaving certain roads in need of work. Between roads, bulkheads, beaches and storm drains, the work of the Highway Department never stops.
You’ll be seeing new faces at Town Hall. Assessor Quinn Karpeh has resigned and moved out of state. The Town Board has appointed Craig Wood to fill in for Quinn until a replacement is elected in November. Jen Beresky is moving over to fill the slot of retired police clerk Linda Klenawicus, and Assessor clerk Amanda Gitew is shifting to fill Jen’s slot. So a new person will be hired as a clerk for the Assessor’s office.
The voters approved using up to 20% of the Community Preservation Fund for water quality improvement projects. The Town Board has established a Water Quality Improvement Project Advisory Committee to establish the parameters for using the funds in a way that is even-handed and gets the most bang for the buck. The committee will be working hard over the next few months to come up with a proposal.
The Town has purchased a bathroom for Bridge Street Park and is going to have it installed this Spring. It will be available for use by our residents as well as visitors. Waste will go into a holding tank and be pumped out to prevent any nitrogen contamination of Dering Harbor.
The Town Board has also decided to replace the floating dock sections at Congdon Dock. The plan is to replace the individual sections with a single continuous dock. Upgrading the dock with a new design and new materials means that it should stay in good shape for the next twenty years or more.
The Town is also phasing in replacement of the failing groins at Shell Beach. The plan is to replace at least one groin per year for the next five years. The groins appear to be instrumental in preventing washouts of Shell Beach in storms, like the washout that undercut the road there back in 2007.
The Town owns the property at Goat Hill Golf Course, but the property is managed by the Shelter Island Country Club, a group of volunteers. They recently came to the Town Board with a report on getting the group re-energized and in a better financial position to keep the golf course in good shape. Their plans sound very encouraging and people are encouraged to play some golf there this spring and summer.
Keep an eye on the newspaper for weekly reports on Town news and on this webpage for quarterly updates.

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