It has been determined that the drinking water in the Medical Center Building and Senior Center exceeds the maximum allowable concentration for MTBE.  Refer to Town Topics and Senior Summary under Services for more detailed information.

Deer & Tick Educational Forum-June 28, 2018
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Wades Beach Pavilion

 Wades Beach Pavilion

Wades Beach Pavilion

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Upcoming Meetings & Alerts

Town Board Meeting
June 15, 2018-4:30pm

Town Board Work Session
June 19, 2018--1:00pm

Town Board Work Session
June 26, 2018--1:00pm

Deer & Tick Educational Forum
June 28, 2018-6:30pm
S. I. School Auditorium

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Winter  2017-18
Changes galore at Town Hall! With the election results tallied, Gary Gerth will be starting as Supervisor as of January 1, 2018. Read on.