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Adopted Rental Law-6/14/19

Rental Forms & Information

Septic Improvement Program Slide Presentation

Septic Application and Link to Reclaim our Water

July Meeting Dates

W.M.A.C. -July 1st-6:00PM
Capital Planning-July 2nd-8:30am
T.B.W.S. -July 2nd-1:00pm
Deer & Tick-July 3rd-10:00am
Community Land Pres.-July 8th-8:30am
C.A.C.-July 8th-7:30pm
Taylor’s Island-July 9th -9:00am
T.B.W.S. -July 9th-1:00pm
Planning Board-July 9th-Cancelled
W.A.C. July 15th-7:30pm
T.B.W.S. -July 16th-1:00pm
Safety Committee-July 18th-10:00am
Z.B.A. -July 17th-CANCELLED
W.Q.I.-July 18th-6:00pm
T.B.M.- July 19th-4:30pm
T.B.W.S.-July 23rd-1:00pm
Z.B.A.-July 24th-7:30pm
Green Committee-July 25th -noon
C.H.B. -July 25th-7:00pm
T.B.W.S.-July 30th-1:00pm


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