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deer and tick Committee

Dr. James  M. Bevilacqua
Chairperson (Ex. 6-24-19) 

Board Members:

Scott Campbell PhD (Ex. 6-24-20)
Marc Wein (Ex. 6-24-21)
Henry Amann (Ex. 6-24-21)
Charles Tiernan (Ex. 6-24-21)
Craig Wood (Ex. 6-24-20) 
Jeremy Samuelson (Ex. 6-24-19)
Jim Colligan -Town Liaison
Albert Dickson -Town Liaison

Deer & Tick Forum June 28, 2018- WATCH NOW

2019 Meeting Dates
10:00am- Town Hall Meeting Room

January 2 * February 6 * March 6 * April 3 * May 1 * June 5 * July 3* August 7 *
September 4 * October 2 * November 6* December 4 *

Mission Statement and Goals for 2018

To manage deer and tick populations at levels that are appropriate for human and ecological concerns.

Goals for 2018:

1. To continue to support a multi-pronged approach that specifically is aim at the culling of the deer herd, reducing tick-density, and education the public in order to protect human health and ecological concerns.

2. To continue to measure the progress of management goals by utilizing scientific and statistical data.

3. To continue to recruit additional hunters, including those with a NWCO license, as well as seek additional properties around Shelter Island for hunting purposes.

4. To continue to help educate the Shelter Island Community, Concerning the importance of protection against tick-borne disease and related issues.

5. To obtain local, county, and state government support that helps address tick-borne disease and deer density as a major health issue.

Female Deer Tick: CDC/ Michael L. Levin, Ph. D.

Female Deer Tick:
CDC/ Michael L. Levin, Ph. D.

Female Lone Star Tick: CDC/ James Gathany; William Nicholson

Female Lone Star Tick: CDC/ James Gathany; William Nicholson

Female American Dog Tick: CDC/DVBID/Gary O. Maupin

Female American Dog Tick: CDC/DVBID/Gary O. Maupin



The Shelter Island Police Department oversees the 4-Poster Program on Shelter Island in cooperation with the Shelter Island Deer & Tick Committee. 4-Posters are plastic feeding stations affixed with four rollers on vertical posts that apply a solution of the common pesticide permethrin to the heads and necks of deer as they feed on corn. Ticks concentrate heavily in those areas of the deer, which are the primary hosts for adult black-legged ticks and all life stages of the Lone Star Tick, which carry diseases including Lyme, babesiosis, and erlichiosis. The Town's 4-Poster stations are usually deployed throughout the Island from April through November, as these are the active months in the ticks' life-cycles. The town currently deploys 30 units and Mashomack Preserve deploys an additional 6.


In the interest of safety for all involved, the Shelter Island Police Department currently oversees the Town-Managed Deer Hunting Program. Hunters who wish to participate in the program must either be residents of Shelter Island, own property on the Island, or work full-time on the Island. Hunters must provide a copy of their current NYS hunting license and are then assigned a property to hunt. During the hunting seasons, enrolled hunters are required to contact the SIPD to schedule the dates that they plan to hunt on their designated property. Hunters do not need to enroll in the program to hunt on private property. The recreational bow hunting season begins October 1 and ends on the last day of January. The special firearms season takes place in January. Town-managed culling takes place during February and March. The SIPD logs each deer taken at each property, including the hunter's name, the deer's age, sex and the date of harvest.

For more information, please contact Animal Control Officer, Beau Payne at 631-749-5771 or bpayne@shelterislandtown.us.


Opportunities for Hunters on Shelter Island - Download PDF

Town of Shelter Island Cold Storage Unit - Download PDF

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