disposal fees

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The Town of Shelter Island uses its own Garbage Bags.
REGULAR GARBAGE - Shelter Island Town Disposal Bags

All household waste OTHER THAN DESIGNATED RECYCLABLES must be disposed of in special bags imprinted with the Town's seal.
The fee for these bags covers the cost of having our waste and recyclables carted off-island for disposal.

 The bags come in three sizes:
 Mini (yellow) - $1.50 each•Small (green) - $3.00 each•Large (purple) - $4.50 each

The bags may be purchased from local merchants (see below) and Town Hall at the Town Clerk's Office.  

IGA, Piccozzi's, Jack's Marine, The Island Boatyard, Coecles Harbor Marina, and the Recycling Center (large only) - at the Scale House.

All items that are not recyclable must be placed in Town Bags and disposed of in the wet garbage area which is past the recycling area on the right as you proceed towards the exit.