Capital Planning-Grants Committee
Town Councilman Jim Colligan,  Chairman
Councilwoman Amber Brach-Williams *Liaison
James Read
Brian Sherman
Jennifer Mesiano Higham (Grants Writer, Consultant)
Town Engineer John Cronin
Robert DeStefano, Legal Advisor
Amanda Gutiw , Secretary

2019 Meeting Dates
8:30am in Town Hall Meeting Room

January 8, February 5, March 5 , April 2, May 7 , June 4 , July 2, August 6
September 3 , October 1, November 6 , December 3 , 2019


Our Mission Statement
“ To develop and maintain a long-range strategic plan to manage, monitor and maintain or replace Town assets that considers priorities, costs and funding resources.”

Committee Goals for 2019:

Goal 1: To develop, analyze and adopt a "Multi-Year Capital Plan conforming to NYS Comptroller recommendations and aimed specially at maintaining and improving the town's infrastructure and its assets.

Objective 1: Capital budget required from ALL Department Heads NLT Aug 1st

Objective 2: Capital budget needs from this committee NLT Sept. 1st. Objective 3: Capital Planning,/Grants Committee prioritizes all capital requests into a "multi-year" plan (NLT Sept.15"').

Objective 4: Schedule a 2-hour block of instruction for ALL department heads aimed at conducting and developing a capital needs assessment and plan for their department (utilizing NYS Comptroller's Office).

Objective 5: Recommend to the TB the need to budget $100,000 into the annual operational budget in order to develop a Capital Budget aimed specifically at maintaining funding to pay for capital maintenance projects that are needed for our infrastructure. It is recommended that this be a separate line in the town's operational budget.


Goal 2: To utilize "innovative/advanced" on site wastewater treatment systems where feasible at town facilities (such as Crescent Beach, Wades Beach and Legion/Youth Center) which will help improve water quality on our island and the Peconic Estuary.

  Objective 1: Complete existing initiatives at both Wades Beach and the Legion/Youth Center.

Objective 2: Begin work on comfort station at Crescent Beach in the fall of 2019, with a completion date of Spring 2020.

Objective 3: Identify existing town buildings and assets that would benefit the most from a new I/ A septic system.


Goal 3: To work with the town's Community Housing Board to research and examine funding opportunities, to include grants, in support of both CHB and town goals for 2019.

Note: TB approved expansion and reorganization of CHB. CHB has developed and presented a "beginning" plan to the TB. CHB has expressed their need to ask the TB to find a suitable property that could be utilized for the execution of that plan. CHB has also I-keel into various means of financial assistance and sought the input from local builders on their recommendations moving forward.

  Objective 1: To assist the CHB with identifying possible town owned land parcels for their initial project.

Objective 2: Hire a Staff Program Manager for the CHB with appropriate funding. Objective 3: Town's liaison to the CHB, will work with Jennifer to research possible grants to support the CHB's initiatives for the next few years.

 Goal 4: To pursue a "Downtown Beautification Program", including the future development of the property at 40 North Ferry, the committee will examine various funding opportunities, to include grants, seeking the input from both landscape architects and other professionals, and with the input from our community. (NOTE: 2019-2023 Goal)

  Objective 1: To conduct a needs assessment and asset review for the municipal buildings located in the town's center. (note: this would include ALL of the Town of Shelter Island's offices (Town Hall, Assessor's Office, Building Department, 40 North Ferry, Police Department HQs, and Justice Hall. (2019-2020)

Objective 2: To improve the drainage, parking areas and entrances 8 egresses around town hall (2019). Objective 3: To develop a plan and strategy that is specifically aimed at Goal 4, "Downtown Beautification Program" (note: this is at minimum as-year plan that will require professional input with experience in architectural design of smaller suburban downtown areas. 2020 goal).

Goal 5: To participate in a Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan (CCMP) with the Peconic Estuary Program (PEP) that acknowledges "Climate Change" and that develops a "Risk Management Strategy".

Objective 1: To actively participate, with our other East End communities, and with the Peconic Estuary, develops a Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan that identifies "risks factors" as a result of climate change and sea rise.

Objective 2: To carefully examine the CCMP and the risk worksheet developed by the PEP, and apply these risk factors that will help the Town of Shelter Island, develop strategies with land protective measures, habitat protection, identifying flood zones and water table issues, road- way protection, making decisions on future construction, Its impact on fisheries and shell fish habitat, protection of marine assets, possible Impact on the island's tax  base as a result of flooding, electric reliability, impacts on ferry terminals and a host of other concerns.

Objective 3: To coordinate these initiatives with the town's Hazardous Mitigation Committee who has continued to document much of the needed data for developing a "Risk Management Plan”.


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